By Nancy Anderson
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Are you dealing with ab separation or pelvic floor dysfunction from pregnancy? 
Or maybe your core just feels...different now?
You're not alone, mama....this is actually very common. And good news... it CAN be fixed. 
Yup – I know, doctors, friends and other Mama’s may have told you that its just your new "post baby body" and you should just get used to it....but girlfriend ...they're wrong! 

Whether you had a baby 2 months ago or 12 years ago, my Ab Rehab Program can be effective to help you heal, flatten and strengthen your core unit (the right way!) once and for all. 
Diastasis Recti: Separation of the muscles along the midline of the abdomen and weakness of the linea alba. 

Mommy Pooch: A result of diastasis recti or result of core dysfunction of the lower TA's

Improving Ab Definition and Strength: Whether you're 6 weeks post pregnancy or 16 years your core can't heal without proper training and activation. No matter your time post partum, it's never too late to heal, improve and fix core dysfunction and weakness. 

Incontinence: Leaking isn't cool. And although it's common, it's certainly not normal. We work to fix this program while also taking a look at the root cause (hint: it's not always just your pelvic floor causing the issue).
Back Pain: This can be caused by many things: weakness, diastasis or even c-sections. Yes really! We cover all of that and more in this program. Ridding back pain and educating you on where this may be stemming from. 

Confidence: This is listed last, but not least. Your body matters and if you aren't happy with yours, we need to change that. Feeling comfortable in your own skin and confident in your appearance, strength and function has a trickle down impact on everything from our mood, our relationships and sex life. My goal is to help you feel on top of the world with your ideal Mom bod. It's 1000% ok to want your body back post baby!
This program can be paired with your normal gym routine (taking out any other core moves aside from what's in this plan). Or you can use this as your full post natal workout program by implementing the optional strength and cardio workouts included for those who need the whole post pregnancy fitness shebang. 
Are you ready to get your core back in shape
& start feeling more like yourself again post kid(s)?
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